Mr. Lu is the healthcare Partner of Sequoia Capital China focusing on healthcare investment. During the past 8 years, he led over 30 healthcare investments, including: BGI(300676), Betta Pharmaceuticals(300558), Konruns Pharmaceuticals(603590), Innovent(01801 HK), Chipscreen, Geneseeq, Jingfeng Pharmaceuticals(000908), Zhongankang(000150), etc. Before that, Mr. Lu had over 15 years of experience in pharmaceuticals sales and marketing. He worked in China Resource Sanjiu for almost ten years with rich experience and knowledge in Chinese pharmaceutical market and identifying healthcare investment opportunities. Mr. Lu obtained a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry engineering from Zhejiang University, an MBA degree from Tsinghua University and a finance EMBA degree from Tsinghua PBCSF (in reading).